Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Life happens. Things go good, things go bad, things just go. This past week, though, a lot of the going has been pretty sad. This past Friday my parent's Sunday school teacher's son committed suicide. Obviously, this has been hard for the family and has effected the church family greatly. We have many people grieving in our church for this young life too soon gone, and we all are saddened by the pain this boy must have been going through. I am praying for this family, and all those who have been hurt by this happening.
One of my followers is hurting as well. Apparently someone had anonymously leaving very mean comments on her blog for a while, and it's finally gotten to her. She's around my age (I'm assuming, I really don't know her exact age, I just know she's a teenager.) and has been greatly hurt by this. The whole purpose for her to create her blog was to just talk about life, and let people see a little into her mind. But someone had to ruin that, bring her down, take away something she really enjoyed. What a jerk. I'm praying for her too, that she may heal.
Most of all though, is Jonah. This week he went back to his doctor in Cincinnati for a sleep study and a scope of his throat. In this, his doctor suggested we make an appointment to see a gastro doctor, who will probably suggest a surgery. And this isn't just any surgery, this is a pretty major surgery, that will most likely end with them inserting a feeding tube. That's hard for me to type, let alone take in. Jonah, on a feeding tube, not able to eat for himself.... I just can't fathom it. I'm not only praying for him and this possible procedure, but for my parents in making this decision, and for us siblings to be able to handle yet another time away from home.
It's going to be a long week, I think.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Grandmother

This post is about my grandmother.

This post is about how anyone who knows me, and knows me well, knows that I love my grandmother. That she is a very important woman in my life, and always has been. Beginning when we were little and she taught me how to play cards and extending to now when she is my House watching partner. This is about how my grandmother has taught me many things about life, most of which is that you have to love your age and the place you are at, because there is nothing you can do about it.
This post is about how much my grandmother loves her family and everyone around her. How my grandmother and her mom ... well it's a long story. But she was raised by her grandmother, whom we lovingly call Mami Jack (not really sure why, though...). About how Mami instilled many qualities into my grandmother, and many of those qualities I am proud to say I now have. This is about how the love of family is the most prominent thing that Mami possessed, right until she passed away and how my grandmother was blessed to receive this quality of love. And about how my grandmother is one of the most marvelous women I know, and I hardly have words to describe it. This post is about that.
This post is to show how she loves us so much, and never fails to let us know. From running us grandkids wherever we need to go, to sleep overs and card games, my grandmother loves to spend time with us. This post is to tell her that we know that she doesn't have a favorite grandkid, but we always like to delude ourselves into thinking we are them, and how we know that she loves all of us equally and with all of her heart.
This post is about how my grandmother is one of my heros, and I love her more than anything.

This post is about my grandmother.