Sunday, May 4, 2008


I want to express something openly, bu I'm not exactly sure how to.
Let's start from the beginning.

I read. A lot. I'm always reading a book when there is nothing else to occupy my mind. The stories of fictional characters, the way they act, intrigues me. Holds my interest. Makes me want more. And thus, I read. And read. And read. I think you get the idea.
Every so often, I find A Book. Not just any book, but A BOOK. One that captivates me to the point that I cannot put it down. I can't think about anything but that book, until the time it is finished. And after it is finished, I am different. I want nothing to do with anyone for a while. Time to mull over what happened. Usually, there is a common theme to these books. One I can't quite explain. It's how the characters think. How they make their decisions, say their words, live their lives. It makes me think. And I become confused, and I hate it. It really makes me hate reading.
And this book was no different. Correction. These books were no different. In the past week I have read all 3 books in the twilight trilogy, and they are having The Effect on me. But this time... It's worse. I feel it worse then ever before. I don't know if it's sleep deprivation, or the fact that things aren't exactly where I want them to be right now. I don't know what brought this on. All I know is that I want it gone.

And I want another good book.

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Joe said...

I know exactly what you mean. I tend to think alot about a good book for a while after I've read it - about the characters lives and thoughts. Dean Koontz is my favourite author, you might enjoy him too.