Monday, June 16, 2008

Do's and Dont's for Being With Sarah

So, not to long ago, I made a list. The things my guy must and cannot be. I thought some of my faithful readers (because they're the only ones still here, sorry for the lack of posts guys) would like to see it.
Here it is, in no particular order.

A christian (This one is in order. it's the first thing i look for. he doesn't have to be a bible thumper, but he has to have some concept of God, and accept it ,as truth),
accepting of children with disabilities,
romantic (i am a HOPELESS romantic),
accepting of my off key singing (inside joke),
nice looking (he can't be ugly, but he doesn't have to be brad pitt),
someone who enjoys books (because i heart reading, like the dork i am),
able to joke around, but know when to be serious,
willing to sit through a chick flick (or a conversation about periods),
faithful to me, and all he does,
And last but no least (actually this should go second) he must need me. he can't be whole, in any manner. then there is no place for me to fit in.

be totally and completely perverted,
argue with me all the time, about everything,
smoke/drink/do drugs,
be a lazy bum,
have any problems with kids with disabilities,
want anything more then i'm willing to give him before marriage,
be over 1 year younger then me,
be gone all the time, either with a job(which doesn't apply much yet) or with his friends or whatever. i need time too,
ever even THINK about another girl (as anything other then a friend)

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?

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Joe said...

A nice sum-up. I like the part where he can't be whole. Any guy who thinks he's whole already is just plain full of himself!Everyone has some missing puzzle pieces!
PS. Thanks for adding me to ur blog list:)