Friday, February 6, 2009

Life Goals.

I have a list of life goals. Just needed to throw that out there.
It's kind of extensive (at least, for someone my age) and is always growing. I've been working on it for a couple of months, adding new things and taking off old things that sound stupid now, and I'm pretty happy with it. They're all things that I might not do, but could be able to if I really tried. Some of them I could do soon, others I will have to wait until I am older, but all of them are obtainable. Really, I think it says something about me, and the kind of person I am. So I thought I would post it, just because I need something to post.
No, really, I have some stuff to post. Like, lots and lots. We just got like 2 inches of ice and 3 inches of snow all in the same two days, and our power was out for over a week, so I had plenty of time to write. I just have to get it typed up and posted. So expect plenty of new things coming up. ;)
ANYWAY, after recovering from that ADD moment, here is my list of life goals in no particular order.

-Visit 3 countries.
-Give blood on a frequent basis (I am actually getting ready to start. I am signed up to give at a church drive on the 18th.)
-Fluently learn another language.
-Read the entire bible.
-Attend an Olympic game.
-Pull a really good practical joke.
-Meet someone famous.
-Visit Africa, as a missionary.
-Design (and have built) a house.
-Ice skate on a naturally frozen lake.
-Adopt a child from another country (preferably one with some sort of medical condition, like Down syndrome, Autism, etc.)
-Get married.
-Become an organ donor (or at least have the organ donor sticker on my drivers license.)
-Get 2 masters degrees (One in Education, the other in Sign Language or Speech Language Pathology.)
-Learn to knit. (Hopefully as a class for homeschooling.)
-Change someone's life.
-Sell makeup (Mary-Kay, Avon, etc.)
-Take a homeless person to lunch.
-Foil someones cubicle/desk.

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