Tuesday, March 25, 2008


In the course of a lifetime, people witness many other lifetimes around them. We see babies being born, growing and maturing. From the first steps they take, to their first word, to the first day of school, they grow and love and prosper. We see people we love, grandparents, parents, friends, pass on and leave this life forever. Going from talking and laughing one day, to the casket in the funeral home the next. We witness the miracle of life and the loss of death in many ways throughout our entire life.

Some people were designed to better cope with this then others. Mourning for some is simply the peaceful knowledge that they are in a better place, waiting for us to join us. For others, it's days of crying, and mourning and
general sadness. For yet others, it's denial. They refuse to believe it happened.

There all also other ways to deal with life. Some people, when they find they or someone they know are to have a child jump up and down, screaming wildly. Others have looks of shock across their faces, and need to sit. Fast. And yet others look concerned for a moment to let it sink in, and a dawning of understanding will melt across their face, a smile eventually breaking.

All the lifetimes that we witness, no matter who's it is, impact us greatly. The woman who checks us out at the grocery may brighten our day, or make it much worse. The kid you pass in the hallway could make you laugh uncontrollably, or hit the nearest person. Our friends and family impact us the most of all, helping us make our choices and influencing us to do our best. They lift us up when we're down and make us smile when we don't want to.

These people are the angels God sent down for us to love, and be thankful for. And I am more thankful for them then anyone could ever begin to fathom. I love you guys, and I hope you know that.

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