Monday, April 7, 2008


Trying to get a guy to notice you is like trying to nail jello to a tree. It just can't be done. No matter how much you think the tree wants the jello, needs the jello, should hold the jello and love it, the tree doesn't agree, or takes no notice. So, after begging, pleading, dressing the jello up in really nice clothes, jumping around, screaming and crying, you resort to nailing it to the tree, and the tree STILL wont accept the flipping jello.

And guys are the EXACT same way. The only way to get their attention, other then grabbing their face and screaming "I LOVE YOU", is to wear skirts revealing your underwear and shirts revealing other things. Which is absolutely ridiculous. There should be no need for that sort of thing. Girls should be able to dress modestly and cover themselves and still be found attractive. But do they? No. All guys want to do is look for hot girls and stare at their butts. Or their boobs, if they have nice ones. So girls give them what they want. We dress like hookers so these guys, that we are convinced we need, will notice us and give us the attention that we are also convinced we need.

When will they grow up?

...When will we grow up?

I love high school.


kimberlydawn said...

you mustn't chase the boy...
you must attract him through your just being yourself!
if he doesn't notice you (yet) than it wasn't meant to be...
move on!
ur too too too young to focus on boys, continue to develop your personality, your education, your faith, and you will attract the one God has inteded for you!

~~(this is what i tell my 10 yo who thinks that she is 20!)


Don't break down your own moral barriers for guys - they won't be interested in the real you otherwise. Anyway, you're too young for this sort of thing!

K.C. said...

Hi Sarah, Good to hear that you are in striving for the same goal that I am. Thanks for letting me know. Loved your comments, girl. Love your blog, too. I will tell you this, too. There will come a day that a boy will notice you and it won't be because you will have to flaunt anything. The waiting is tough though, huh? It will come and when it does, it will be worth it. Stay true to who you are. K.C.

Paige said...

You have no idea how good it is to hear another girl has the same morals.
No, do not let go of your morals and do not make any exceptions. It sounds funny, but you have to be strong and not give in.
Last year, I started going out with a boy. I had never had a boyfriend before and I had waited a year and a half for this particular boy to ask me out. From what I knew about him I thought he was wonderful and had all the characteristics I was looking for. He and I worked at the same place, we had met a few years earlier. He seemed smart, responsible, and best of all he said he was a Christian. You'd think maybe some caution bells would have been going off- right? Maybe something to tell me to slow down, but I hated to doubt what appeared to be a good thing.
Anyway, almost exactly four months later, I was sitting in the living room trying to talk things out with my parents. Thankfully, they were so patient and really let me make the call as to what had to be done. I just realized he wasn't anything like I thought. He wasn't nice, he was very controlling. He thought being a Christian meant you go to church and that was where it ended. He was rude, and I could go on and on, but it would just be repetitive.
So, my point is, stay strong and don't make the exceptions I made. You'll only end up hurting and confused. God has someone for each of us, and He'll let us meet the right man when He sees it's time.