Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Want To Color The World

What do you guys think?

I want to color the world,
Share beauty with all creatures.
A box of crayons in my hand,
I want to add color to all of its features.
Blue for calming,
Where there is constant war.
Green for rebirth,
Where there is barren land galore.
Yellow for light,
Where there is nothing but darkness.
And red for warmth,
Where the cold of winter never ends.
The skies would always be pink,
An ever constant sunset.
With the sun sitting on the horizon,
It would be something we wouldn’t have to forget,
The trees would always bare the color of autumn,
Though their leaves would never fall.
The brilliance that is the season,
Would be ours, it would belong to us all.
Cities wouldn’t be gray any longer,
They would contain a million different shades,
Made from a million different colors.
If I could just color the world,
Think how happy it would be.
People would sing and dance,
Sing and dance through the streets.
And when it all ended,
The final bell sounded,
I could look back and know,
Our perfect earth, we had found it.


Ann Michelle said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm glad my words make such a difference ^-^ Though... you must've done a lot of reading if you did manage to peruse the page (I'm pretty sure I posted something daily save for the 14th [and that's cuz Blogger didn't save that day]). XD

That is a lovely poem you have for this post, as well. Did you write it? It paints a striking picture, and I like your thoughts on the matter. It holds an intriguing meter - if any at all, it just flows wonderfully. Everything is just right and nothing sounds too odd or distracting - good job!

I'll keep writing, don't worry ^-* But you had better write more, too - I've already looked at your earlier posts and am happy to say I really like your blog :D It's always nice reading the blogs of others and comments. I find it's a good source of inspiration~

I hope you don't mind this lengthy response (as I am prone to write)~

Keep it up! I like your style ^-^

Sara said...

I'm an amateur poet. And I loved your poem. 10/10, bravo. Brava, rather You may recongize me from Blog of A Real Girl, which I deleted. But Buckle Way Up, my new blog, will be here fo-evah! Leave a comment?


Sara said...
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Anji said...

Beautiful Sarah, just beautiful.

Thanks for sharing.


Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Love it!

Joe said...

By all means go ahead and pick up those crayons:)