Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have a friend who makes me think, Sean. We could just be simply texting each other (which we do way more then any sane person should, and sometimes it shows, but I digress.) or we could be sitting in class talking quietly---I mean playing rapt attention. The point is that when Sean is around I'm always thinking, and thinking hard.
Last night we (okay, mostly me) were talking about all the 'selfless' people of history. Those people that we idolize because they were so great, and always thought of others, and never cared an ounce for themselves. But, you know, there is a flaw with that.
NO ONE is completely selfless. I don't care who you are. You want what is best for yourself, no matter what that is. You will always be your biggest priority. Deny it up and down if you want, deep down you know it's true. True happiness must be achieved before you can make others happy. Because of this, you have to worry about yourself some. Follow me?
Now, don't think I have distaste for these people. These folks who everyone says are just so perfect, always worrying about the sad starving people of earth, or whatever. See, they are happy. Because they are making other people happy. Therefore, they appear selfless. But that's not the case. They simply care less about themselves then the rest of the world does.
When it comes right down to it, everyone is going to weigh the pros and cons before they jump in front of the bullet, even if it's a split second battle. They're going to do it. Some people just decide the pros are better then the cons.


Anji said...

Wow. What an insight. Sarah, I am very proud of you and the woman you are becoming.

And I love to read your writing, too. Keep it coming.


Amy said...

I love your blog! Leave a comment on mine, please!

Amy said...

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Anonymous said...

Inspiring post. & I don't think everybody is entirely selfless either. Cos nobody is perfect & it's just a flaw. I agree that some people make better choices than others as well. & it's hard to choose the right desision sometimes. Hit me back if you'd like!

Joe said...

I think even people who appear selfless aren't. They do for others because it ultimately gives them satisfaction and makes them feel good about themselves. See, everyone is selfish in the end:)

TheKid said...

Altruism (aka being selfless) doesn't exist in the world. People do what they want to every time.