Monday, August 25, 2008

I have a theory.

Just recently me and my grandmother were talking about what the job of the Vice President actually is. And all we could come up with is that he steps up if the President dies. So I have a theory.
You know that expression "Where does the time go?"? I think the VP sits around and steals it. Yeah, that's right. Steals it. He sucks it up in his speical time sucking vacuum, and keeps it all for himself. What else could he do all day? Something to improve the country? As if. No one in the government actually does that. So, he steals time.
I mean, look at it. I was a sixth grader just yesterday, I swear it! Me and Caitlin, just yesterday, had our first conversation (which was about Harry Potter, by the way) and we laughed the entire class, making out the Harry Potter fan club. And it was also just yesterday when she and Nolan first found interest in each other! Like, I swear. They met yesterday. Possibly the day before, but very unlikley.
Or was that not just yesterday? Maybe it was 4 years ago...... See! It's that sneaky Vice President, I tell you! That's why Dick Cheney shot that guy! He was getting onto Cheney's game, and Cheney thought he needed to know what was good for him. So BLAM he shot him. Tsktsk.
I really wish he would stop. I want that time back, I didn't get to do with it what I wanted.

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x_navigateme said...

Very enlightening!

You better watch your back. If Cheney finds out your in on it, we'd have to go in hiding. =)