Friday, April 11, 2008


So, I was thinking. (before i go on, i know this is my second post within the hour. but i'm having a smart moment. ;])

And while I was thinking, I realized something. Everything we have, everything around, is based on belief. We believe our system of currency will hold up, and it has. We believe when someone says it's raining that it is. We believe what we think is true.
But nothing we can know, for sure, 100% of the time. I know that I like bananas. But I might eat a banana tomorrow and be completely disgusted. How can I be absolutely sure I like bananas? I believe that when I take a bite, it will taste good.
A woman gets pregnant. Doctor says a baby girl is coming. How can the woman be sure? How does she know what is inside of her? She could be having a goat for all she knows. But she believes she is having a little girl.
It's all based on that simple belief in the unknown.

Am I the only one that makes sense to? I get it, do you all?
Let me know. :]


K.C. said...

Good for you, Sarah! You are thinking... and not just ordinary thinking. That is REAL thinking. Most people do not take the time to go beyond the ordinary realm of just letting a thought go in and out. Getting to the bottom of things is going to get you SO far. The reason that our current currency has held up is that a great amount of people have held the "belief" that this currency system is good, huh? Many years ago, a great amount of people thought that trading (or barter) was the way to go. I guess the way your belief about the rain turns into knowledge is when you go outside and get wet. I haven't thought too hard on that one, but I assume that some things are facts. But, I am not sure that we are supposed to assume anything, as everything can change in an instant. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

hey there!
your perspective on life truly is fascinating...i loved it...and the way you've animatedly expressed yourself in your posts appealed to me as well...great going!!

librabrunnetevegetarian said...

Hi Sarah
I really ike the way you think. Your blog reminds me of mine. What if the whole world was just a thought in our minds. Then that would be scary.