Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Used car, anyone?

Finding the right guy is like shopping for a used car. Not like I have personally, but I have been with people who have.

You pull up in the dealership, and they show you the first car on the lot, that somewhat matches what you want. A test drive proves it's not the one you want. The wheel shakes, or the breaks don't work, or you can't get a good radio station. So you move on to the next one.
As you continue this ritual, you eventually glimpse a car, and immediately want that one more then any other car on the lot. So you point it out, and the dealer smiles. As you approach it, bask in its glory of used-dom, you fall in love even more. You reach for the handle, and when you open the door one of two things happen. Either you sit down and it's perfect in every way, not a fault that really matters to be seen. Or, you sit down and it's nothing you thought. The windshield wipers squeak, there is a stain on the carpet, the door only closes all the way sometimes and the radio only works on Wednesdays.
When the former happens, you buy the car on the spot and never have another worry. But when the latter happens, your heart breaks in two, and you crawl out slowly. Riding home afterwards, you tell yourself you're never going to buy another car. But inside, you know you'll be back next weekend.

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