Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Everyone is born with a bubble. They have this bubble around them, and nothing can get through. To them, the world is a perfect place, with no bad in it. People don’t die, they don’t get sick. Wars, starvation, illness, sadness, all of these things are unhappy thoughts, but none of them really matter, they don't really exsist.
No where but the place where they are is actually real. There aren't other countries. There aren't other lives going on around them. It's not that children are self centered, they just can't understand the concept. Their little minds wont wrap around the thought of other places going on at the same time theirs are. It's as if other people's lives come to a standstill, until they're around.
Usually sometime in High School, maybe late Middle School, this bubble is burst. The world comes at them suddenly, and they see it in a new light. This is what changes people the most in their lifetime. The biggest 360 they’ll ever do. Their lives are formed around this one moment where their innocence has been stripped away, leaving them with nothing but the truth. From that moment on, nothing is ever the same.


Sara said...

I couldn't have put it better. my bubble popped early. Like 5th grade when I had the teacher from hell.

Love your blog. Nuff said :)


Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Very well said. I teach middle school, and most of the kids definitely have their bubbles wrapped firmly around them--some of them have multiple bubbles, actually, and nothing but their own needs and wants get through.

For my son, I want nothing more than that he is able to keep his "bubble" whole until he can handle the bad things that happen outside the bubble. Mine burst too early, and forced me to handle things I wasn't ready for. When holes start to form in his bubble, I hope that he has the strength to handle the things that get through with character and dignity.

Jill said...

Good one, Sarah. It is true that it is somewhat sad when the bubble bursts, but think of all the new things to enjoy without your rose-colored glasses. It's a wonderful, terrifying, exciting world we live in...if we allow it to be. Embrace the next chapter of your life.